Writing an Effective Resume for That Dream Job

resume writing

Creating a good resume is one of the keys to getting your dream job. But not everyone understands what a good resume should look like. Say you worked for a company for a long time and even earned a promotion in your department. How can you best show your longevity and promotion on your resume?

You might not know the answer, but at least you understand the significance of a good CV. By utilizing a few of our simple tips, you will be able to craft an outstanding resume to get the position you’ve always dreamed of. Read on and utilize our knowledge and advice for your own benefit.

There are several approaches to this issue, similar in some ways but different in their core structure. So, be cautious about with what you use for your CV.

Demonstrate your promotions and achievements.

It is fantastic if you earned a department promotion from management. This shows that you are an excellent employee with the ability and knowledge to learn fast and move up to the next level. Don’t keep this information to yourself – allow potential employers to see your abilities by showing it correctly in your resume.

The way to do this is to make a list of all job positions you’ve held in one company. Record the most recent position at the top of the list, writing the others in descending order from the most recent to the earliest. Be careful not to add too many positions, and combine some of them if possible. List the name and location of the company, and below it list all the major positions you held.

Add several points under each position, stating what your key responsibilities were. It might be a good idea to edit your resume in order to show these responsibilities as significant achievements. Demonstrate these achievements, because employers want to see the most significant results and benefits you brought to your company. An example would be showing that once you became a regional manager of a supply company, you created a system which made deliveries faster and made customers happier.

Here’s another option:

Focus on combining achievements.

In the previous option, you focused on showcasing your achievements at each position. However, what we now propose is focusing on the list of posts you held with dates listed beside each of them. Instead of stating your achievements at each job, focus on delivering a list of your combined accomplishments at all your jobs. Simply indicate that you were promoted, and underneath the list mention ways you contributed to the company in general and what you learned while working there.

Be sure to keep it short. One sure way to bore employers is with long, detailed explanations.  You may have a long list of wonderfully detailed accomplishments, but the truth is employers do not have that much time to read it all. Instead, add only the most impressive and relevant facts to your resume. You can add a link to your LinkedIn profile where there are more details available.

Also, formatting is important. Do not use small or hard-to-read fonts. Insert dates and create headlines for each position, allowing text to flow smoothly from one point to the next. Proper formatting will make it easier for the employers to go through your resume.

These are only two of the most effective ways to develop a resume that can help you get that desired job. Both options provide ideas to show how you climbed the career ladder as well as promoting your previous work successes. Such layout makes it easier to emphasize special achievements, allowing a potential employer to see your growth and contributions to the company.

If your past work history includes several promotions, choosing one of these two options will demonstrate your skills and experiences so that the next employer will be impressed by your resume and select you over other candidates. Do you have any other ideas to create a proper resume in such a situation? If so, then share them with us! We’d love hearing more about your experience.