New Employer Feature: Jobs Widget

Clients of JobsInTheUS have a new tool for their hiring arsenal, we are pleased to introduce a Jobs Widget that allows any employer to embed their job listings from our platform to your own company websites. The new tool is free to use and now available from your Dashboard menu.

The new widget allows you to choose a font style, font size and number of jobs you want to display. A limited number of fonts are available. The number of jobs defaults to ALL or you can choose a number between 1-10. When jobs are displayed they link back to the specific state site they were first posted on. If no jobs are live, the text will indicate that.

The widget is comprised of a piece of Javascript code that your company webmaster simply needs to cut and paste as HTML onto any webpage. Here’s what it looks like in real life below. These are jobs for IDEXX, one of our clients.

The Jobs Widget is designed to help those employers that want an easy way to display their jobs and/or those who may not have an applicant tracking system in place. We look forward to seeing it in action. If any questions arise with its use please email Chris Russell, our Product Director at