Main-Land Knows How to Write a Job Description

Writing attractive job descriptions can be a hard thing for many employers. After all, most HR folks weren’t trained in writing great prose. But some employers definitely stand out when it comes to creating job ads that are inviting and tell a story.

Main-Land in Livermore Falls, ME is one of those employers.

Their recent posting on JobsinME for a Project Engineer caught our eye for its creativity. So we’d like to break down why we think it’s a great ad.

They open the ad with a series of questions to help filter out the right person immediately.

Do you like to help people? Are you a civil engineer with some experience in site design or municipal utility engineering? Are you passionate about improving the lives of the people of this great State of Maine?

Then they go right into selling their company as a great place to work by using keywords like “fun loving” and “wicked-friendly” which help set the right tone and get the candidate excited.

Main-Land is a growing, fun loving, wicked friendly company in western Maine that helps people with their most valuable physical asset: their land! We use professional expertise and friendly service to add value to folk’s greatest investment.

They appeal to the candidate’s ego with phrases like;

If you have some computer and IT skills too, well that makes you one of those 14 point bucks: highly sought but rarely seen. If you come interview, we promise not to send you off to the taxidermist to be displayed on our wall.

They list the hours and talk about pay, something most companies don’t do.

Hours: 8am to 5pm, with 1 hour lunch

Pay Range: Competitive. We’ll talk early about this to make sure we’re on the same page.

They list detailed instructions on how to apply. It also makes the apply process more interesting.

When you submit your resume, please:

  1. Include in the subject line “I’m a Rockstar,”
  2. Let us know if you caught any typos in this ad,
  3. Share with us why YOU think you would be a stellar team member, and
  4. What in this ad made you think, “I’d like to work there!”

So kudos to whoever at Main-Land wrote this, we here at JobsInTheUS applaud the effort.