How to Attract and Retain Employees

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Overcoming Hiring Challenges

The current staffing crisis is a widespread problem, with the lack of engagement from our labor force affecting businesses across multiple industries, both large and small.

Recently, JobsInME hosted a virtual forum webinar with three leaders from three very different business sectors. The discussion focused on their experiences with staffing challenges, what has worked in trying to buck the trend, and what has not.

Watch this video to hear their insights as they discuss their experiences and respond to questions submitted by attendees:

Hiring Tips

Here are 20 take-aways to help you attract job candidates and retain your current employees.

  1. Build and maintain your recruiting pipeline.
  2. Participate in internship and apprenticeship programs.
  3. Craft and market your unique employment brand.
  4. Speak with candidates about your company culture.
  5. Share your employee success stories.
  6. Highlight your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plan.
  7. Emphasize your employee benefits, which are more important than ever.
  8. Discuss potential employee career paths.
  9. Be open to hybrid and remote positions.
  10. Consider offering housing location assistance or an employee relocation package.
  11. Move quickly and decisively on hiring a good candidate — before someone else does!
  12. Nurture your greatest asset — your current employees — with appreciation.
  13. Communicate frequently to encourage engagement.
  14. Foster team collaboration through cross-training… and bumping pay accordingly.
  15. Be flexible — in hours, workspace, benefits, everything.
  16. Review and update your company’s salary, PTO, and benefits on a regular basis.
  17. Implement voluntary/volunteer time off (VTO) for employees’ volunteer work.
  18. Help offset inflation pressures with commuting and daycare benefits.
  19. Create a tuition reimbursement program.
  20. Initiate employee referral bonuses.


How JobsInTheUS Can Help

Since 1999, JobsInTheUS has helped employers find the top local talent they need to grow their business — through our network of state-specific job sites, including JobsInME, JobsInNH, JobsInVT, JobsInMA, JobsInRI, JobsInCT, and more.

With our popular Career Fairs, we also provide employers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with job seekers, present a company overview, discuss available positions, and respond to questions.