Attract Better Candidates by Tweaking Your Job Ads

job ads

When a candidate reads a job ad, he or she should think, “This is a company I’d like to work for.”  Unfortunately, a typical job posting is often a jumbled mess of bullet points that does nothing to sell the job. Too many job postings only list the basic job requirements instead of convincing prospective employees why they should work for that particular company.

With a boring job posting, you’re likely to find yourself attracting lower quality candidates. But there are several ways to tweak your job ad and make it appealing to those high quality candidates every company is looking for.

An Interesting Offer

What makes this job fun or interesting to a job seeker? It’s important to explain these qualities to job seekers. Spell it out for them. If you do it right, your proposition will convey something appealing to your ideal candidate.

Describe Your Firm

Candidates want to know about your firm is and what it does. Phrases such as “We are a leading manufacturer of products for X industry” do little to sell the job listing. Explain to candidates why they should want this job. Give them a vision to believe in.

Who, What and Why

Job ads don’t always require bullet points. Instead, try telling who, what, and why. Who is the successful candidate? What will they do? Why is the job open? Here’s an example of how you can describe your job opening:

Having just received a new contract to make widgets for a new client, our business is about to take off. We are looking for smart, dedicated line workers to help us assemble, pack and ship our products to customers all over the country. If great benefits, a stable work environment, and working with great people appeals to you, we’d love for you to apply today.”

Remove Boring Writing

Remove boring language, including phrases like “Your tasks and duties will include blah, blah, blah.” This type of writing will only repel candidates and should be for internal use only.

Who Will They Work With

Let candidates know to whom they will reporting and what part of the organization they will work in. Try using more of “You will be reporting to the manager of X” in your job postings. An important factor in a job seeker’s decision-making process is the ability to research where and with whom they may be working.

Use Direct Phrasing

Be direct. Instead of using phrases like “The successful candidate…”, word phrases differently, such as “You will lead a team of…” “Your communication skills will require…” “You should be familiar with…” In other words, begin with the word “You” as a way of speaking to them one-to-one.

Email Me

While this might not be an option for larger firms, a good idea for small companies is to list an email address that goes directly to the hiring manager. A direct email address will increase transparency and should increase the number of applicants. Another option is to ask candidates in the Apply Instructions to explain, in 350 words or less, why they are right for the job. The results may be surprising

Making your job ads different will help your company stand out in a sea of ads that all sound the same. Putting a positive spin on your jobs and showing that they are unique will help attract the quality candidates your company is looking for.