6 Tips to Make Your Job Postings Stand Out

A job post should give an honest representation of what the position entails, but many companies write job descriptions that resemble a laundry list of requirements. But today’s job seekers require more information about job openings, including the impact of the job, information about their work environment, and details about a typical work day.

For this reason, it’s important to make online job postings interesting.  JobsInTheUS would like to share with you some ways we’ve found to improve our clients job descriptions.

  1. Add an image or video to every job listing. Adding a visual element to a job listing is a great way to grab the attention job seekers as they search though jobs online. It has been proven that visual elements increase viewer engagement, and adding one will allow your job listing to stand out in an ocean of text-only listings.
  1. Use a descriptive job title. Be descriptive and avoid acronyms in your job titles. “Sales Rep Needed from Growing Retail Shop” sounds much better than simply saying “Sales Rep”. Providing more context to the title will spark the job seeker’s interest in the role/company.
  1. Tell a story. A job posting should use stories to sell the job. Provide candidates with an accurate assessment of what to expect if they take the job by describing a typical day on the job. Try describing the job in a Q&A format when you post the opening online. For example, what does the job involve? What will make a candidate successful candidate? What will the deliverables be?
  1. Eliminate dull text. Get rid of boring, robotic phrases like, “You will perform tasks and duties blah, blah, blah.” That sounds more like a laundry list and less like what it should be, an advertisement for the role and the company.
  2. Be clear about what to expect. Describe to candidates what they can expect from your hiring process and what happens next should they receive a call from you. It is important that candidates are clear on what to expect from you, even if they are not among those to receive a call back.
  1. Show who’s in charge. Provide information regarding who the successful candidate will be reporting to. The description needn’t be too detailed or include the persons name. Something as simple and clear as ‘You will report to the VP of marketing based in our Providence main office’ will suffice.