4 Daily Habits to Bring Structure to Your Job Search

When conducting a job search it’s important to have a routine. Landing a job is a full time job for someone who’s out of work. If you’re currently employed but looking for something else, finding a different position is more of a part time job.

Whatever your situation, using the correct strategy and approach to your job search is necessary for success. Having a daily routine is a key part of this strategy.

Here are some daily routines we recommend adopting:

  1. Look for events with your professional associations, chambers and Meetup groups. Attending events will provide more networking opportunities, which are important in any job search. Meetups are happening in every city tight now so they are a great way to build your network. Part of  your routine should be having a goal to attend meetings once, twice, or even several times per week. Attending meetings, whether with a professional association, a chamber, or some other Meetup group, will allow you to increase your network every day.
  2. Schedule a set time each day to browse online job boards. Create a list of your favorite and most trusted job boards (of course, JobsInME.com and our other local sites are your go-to source for real, local jobs). A time-saving way to speed up the process is to save your searches and subscribe to job alerts. Here’s a great directory of job boards.
  3. Never have lunch alone. This is a great way to make sure you stay connected to your network. If the lunches begin to add up, an alternative is to do breakfast or coffee. Make it a point to find out exactly how your lunch mate can help you. Maybe they can advise you on a career choice, or introduce you to someone they know. And be sure to listen and find out if there’s a way you can help them, because networking works both ways.
  4. Volunteer a few hours a week. Volunteering at an event or with an organization will get you out of the house and ensure that you meet new people. Also, the positive experiences you gain from volunteering will give you more to talk about during interviews and help fill out your resume. Choose to volunteer with organizations that you care about and are relevant to your career goals. If you aren’t personally or professionally satisfied with your volunteer organization, find a different one.

Making these techniques a regular part of your daily job search routine will increase your network while focusing your job search. Creating a daily schedule and concentrating on these specific activities will put you one step closer to getting that job you’re looking for.

Happy hunting!