12 Creative Professions That May Not Require a Degree

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What are some creative jobs that don’t necessarily require a degree?

To help you find jobs that channel your creativity, we asked a variety of creators this question for their best insights. From visual graphics to carpentry, there are several professions that might appeal to someone looking for a creative outlet.

Here are 12 creative professions that may not require a degree:

1. Travel Blogging

You don’t need a degree to be a travel blogger. All you need is the ability to write and a passion for travel. Wherever life takes you, you can write about it, publish your stories, and make money. Integrate your stories with social media, and you can build a huge following. You can also get sponsorships and work with travel companies to get paid for sharing your experience with them. Becoming a travel blogger is something anyone can do, really.

Randall Smalley, Cruise America

2. Podcasting

Making epic podcasts really comes down to creativity and consistent execution — you don’t need to be a content whiz to get started. As long as you have a basic understanding of the equipment and editing software you need, a list of great ideas, and the determination to actually see your ideas through, you can create podcast episodes right from the comfort of your home.

Harry Morton, Lower Street

3. Illustration

Illustration is a creative job that doesn’t require a degree. An illustrator’s main job is to draw pictures to go with written text. A visual aid can be added to any piece of writing that needs it, such as books, technical manuals, essays, and so on. Illustrators can utilize any form of artistic media to generate their drawings or paintings, depending on the style their client desires. There are two types of illustrators: those who make images for their own work and those who cooperate with other writers.

Edward Mellett, WikiJob

4. Video Game Designer

Video game designers have a creative job that doesn’t require a degree, and their main job is making characters, props, environments, and game mechanics. There are some video game designers who only work on the visual aspects of their games, while others additionally work on the game’s coding. Thematic and storyline considerations are taken into account by video game designers when creating visually appealing features and novel designs that keep players interested.

Jay Bats, ContentBASE

5. Design

There will be those who tell you that to be a great designer, you need a degree. That’s not necessarily true. With dedication and lots of practice, it’s possible to become a graphic designer or a web designer without a degree. For example, you could learn Figma in a few days, call yourself a UI designer afterward, and provide proof with what you’ve created. These skills are great for most companies in any industry. Having a good design eye can help improve apps and other digital platforms to improve the user experience.

Nick Santora, Curricula

6. Photo Retouching

A photo retoucher is someone who edits, manipulates, and improves photos to make them look better or different. Photoshop and other design and photo-editing applications are used to alter the appearance of their subjects. Color, brightness, and resolution may all be altered to make images look better. They may also merge the pictures into artworks and collage layouts by adding graphic design components to them.

Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel

7. Visual Design

I believe a creative job that doesn’t always require a degree is visual design. Visual designers’ main job is to use images to create a consistent identity or brand image. They determine which colors, forms, and design components best represent a company’s brand identity and convey a captivating story about its products and services. All of a company’s outputs, from websites to product designs, and even logos and merchandising, are the responsibility of visual designers.

Kenny Kline, BarBend

8. Carpentry

Looking for a creative job that doesn’t require a degree? Consider a career as a carpenter — a construction professional who works with wood to build and repair structures. The term "structures" covers house constructions, furniture, toys, various artistic creations, and many more. Because of the wide range of manufactured things, the work is rarely boring. Other tasks include meeting with clients, creating design plans, and calculating quotes. A creative person will certainly have many opportunities to demonstrate their ideas, while their imagination and manual abilities will allow them to perform duties effectively and win new customers.

Nina Paczka, Resume Now

9. Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, I believe this creative employment that does not require a degree is responsible for making a client’s home both beautiful and useful. This means that they work with their clients one-on-one to get to know them in order to find the right pieces for their spaces. Additionally, an interior designer can create strategies for organizing a space and choose the ideal lighting, colors, and furnishings. Interior designers must be creative, up-to-date on design trends, adaptable to their clients’ tastes, and good communicators. As a result of their inventiveness, they are able to come up with ideas that make their clients’ assigned places more functional as well as practical.

Tanner Arnold, Revelation Machinery

10. Video Editing

Video editing is a good career that doesn’t require a degree and has the major responsibilities of being a creative person. Adding post-production design features to video footage enhances the visual appeal of the final product. Film footage is synced to music, graphics are superimposed, and animation is added to existing segments after it has been edited and enhanced with visual effects. Graphic elements, video clip transitions, and other production effects are used by editors to provide a specific visual appeal for the final video. In addition to film and television, they may also work on music videos and commercials.

Robert Warner, Virtual Valley

11. Sign Making

The key responsibilities of this creative employment, which does not necessitate a college degree, are to design signage for customers based on their demands for certain colors, materials, and design aspects. Sign makers visit with clients to learn about their project, get product pricing quotations, place orders for supplies, and get everything ready for production. Design, writing, and patterns can all be carved or painted into signs by sign builders. Mass-produced signs or sign elements can be created with computer graphics software and industrial machinery or printers.

Joe Troyer, ReviewGrower

12. Professional Writing

If you have a way with words, you should consider writing professionally. You might start by selling short stories or poems to magazines or newspapers, but as time goes on, you may be able to write for bigger clients. Most writers start by freelancing and then move on to finding steady writing gigs. This isn’t a job that requires a degree, but it’s important to have extensive knowledge of the English language, as well as good writing skills and great attention to detail.

Saunav Kaushik, VinPit

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