12 Certifications That Look Good on Resumes

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What certifications look good on a resume?

To help you stand out and succeed with the right certifications for your job applications, we asked hiring managers and recruiters for their best recommendations. From Microsoft Certified IT Professional to First Aid to Google Analytics, there are several certifications to note on your resume that will make you more desirable to potential employers.

Here are 12 certifications these leaders look for on job candidates’ resumes:

1. Microsoft Certified IT Professional

A large majority of companies are using Microsoft technology in their daily business. As you can imagine then, having a Microsoft IT certification of just about any level can stand out on your resume. While you probably won’t be expected to do the job of an actual paid tech (unless that’s the position you’re applying for), having someone who can handle basic troubleshooting can be a huge potential benefit for companies, especially small to mid sized businesses. Whether or how often you use the skills highlighted by your certification outside of the IT field may be a case by case basis depending on the job, but it’s a welcome addition on any resume. Employers appreciate tech savvy employees. This certification will stand out to a huge chunk of the working world. It’s definitely worth having.

Boye Fajinmi, TheFutureParty

2. SHRM Senior Certified Professional

If you are an HR professional, a SHRM-SCP certification will get you noticed. Why? Because of the messages a certification sends. Initiative, because you dedicated the time and effort to pursue and get it. Expertise, with your demonstrated HR knowledge. Current skills, as you have to obtain recertification credits. Differentiation from other HR professionals who have not taken this important step. More importantly, the self-confidence that you obtain from getting your knowledge validated.

Patty Hickok, NANA Regional Corporation

3. Massive Open Online Courses

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from a reputable university might be the answer if you’re looking for free job training. The open online course system covers various topics, including marketing, writing, and history. You can obtain many free certifications, such as Crisis Management: Proseminar in Public Relations. However, some courses charge a small fee if you want to earn a certificate. Skills related to your industry are now more critical than ever in your resume. Certifications help to validate your skills on an ATS-friendly resume.

Axel Hernborg, Tripplo

4. Hubspot Social Media Certification

The HubSpot social media certification is a great addition, as these positions are in high demand across all industries. This shows the hiring manager that you’ve developed specific professional skills for these digital platforms and have received proper training in best practices. Whether you started as beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, this certificate offers modernized practices and tools to help anyone succeed in the workforce.

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra

5. Microsoft Office Specialist

A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification has some heavy and positive statistics for those who hold one. Students who graduate with the extra knowledge have the edge with a higher GPA and wisdom of the logistics of the software program. Especially if the position requires some knowledge of Microsoft, the certification puts your resume on top of the list. It’s always wise to continue your education during school and after. This helps set you above the competition in such a tight job market.

Anamika Goyal, Cottage

6. Business Process Management

Getting certified for Business Process Management is particularly useful in leadership positions that oversee projects. This knowledge demonstrates an ability to streamline a company’s process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Training varies from full-on university courses to an online course that takes less than a week. The option you choose depends on how crucial the skills are to the job. A company looking to implement useful change will look for this certification as a bonus, trusting that person has the knowledge to maximize efficiency.

Theresia Le Battistini, Fashion League

7. First Aid Certification

A first aid certification certainly catches my attention when looking through applications. Whatever field you work in, it is always beneficial to have a first aider available on hand in case of an emergency. A certificate in first aid also demonstrates other skills and qualities, especially if it’s not a job requirement. A candidate’s choice to undergo training which helps others shows commitment, compassion, and care. It also illustrates that the person is responsible, diligent, hardworking, and willing to step up and support other people if needed. First aid training requires practical and intellectual skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of process and protocols. This is particularly helpful in a workplace environment. Someone who is qualified in first aid is more likely to be cool, calm, and competent during a crisis, and able to handle stressful situations. This makes them a valuable addition to any team.

Mario Cacciottolo, SBO

8. Coding Skills Certification

I always think it’s impressive to see coding and programming experience on a resume. Even if a candidate is not applying for a tech role, coding knowledge is a plus. Programming is highly precise work, and having earned a certification in it suggests that the applicant is detail-oriented and intelligent. While it’s in no way a requirement for roles that don’t involve coding, having this skillset is always a plus when I see it on a resume.

Vimla Black Gupta, Ourself

9. Public Speaking Certification

A public speaking certification isn’t just for conveying messages to large audiences — it can be quite useful in a regular work environment too. The ability to speak clearly and confidently to a crowd results in making quite an impression at the workplace in different ways. For one, such a candidate will always know how to put across their point in a definitive and convincing manner, a skill that proves useful in every position. The confidence to speak well also plays a role during negotiations and sales conversations. Trained public speakers also instill confidence in others, making them promising candidates for leadership positions.

David Northup, InShapeMD

10. Project Management Professional Certification

One certification that looks good on a resume is the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMP certification is a globally recognized standard for project management professionals, meaning it is well-recognized by employers and recruiters. It is an entry-level certification for experienced practitioners who hold at least three years of project management experience in multiple projects and have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field of study. It was created to recognize the skills needed by project managers to lead complex projects toward successful completion. To achieve the designation, candidates must pass an exam administered by PMI.

Amer Hasovic, Love & Lavender

11. Google Analytics Course

The IT industry is filling the world with advanced technology and increased globalization. A Google Analytics course on your resume is like icing on the cake to potential employers, giving you an added advantage. Every business and industry relies on Google’s analysis and its data interpretation power to draw and construct market strategies. With a Google Analytics course, a person can use these skills to enhance the company’s future. Along with being the top skilled course, companies recognizes its value in digital marketing and SEO generation. So, if a person is well-versed with analytic knowledge, they are likely to know all the industry-specific tactics to help make the business shine bright.

Nathan Hughes, Art Ignition

12. Language Certification

A language certification vastly depends upon the job profile you are applying to. It also depends on the industry. There are, however, certain skills that are appreciated at all forums and in all industries. Proficiency in a foreign language is always a sought skill at various companies. Especially in organizations that are branched internationally, languages are required in managerial roles. Being well-versed in a second language also speaks loudly of other qualities such as good memory, consistency, and listening skills. It also means that you would bring a multicultural approach to the table which is highly sought after.

Agnes Zabawa, Insurance Navy

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