11 Entry-Level Jobs for Business Majors

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What are some entry-level job for business majors?

To help you identify entry-level jobs that you can take up as a business major, we asked company founders and other business leaders this question for their best advice. From bookkeeping to business reporting, there are several entry-level jobs that are available for business majors to start their career journey.

Here are 11 entry-level jobs for business majors:

1. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a good entry-level role for business majors to take on. A bookkeeper collects the records of a business and organizes the finances by ensuring that each transaction is well documented. Recently graduated business majors are well qualified for the role, as there aren’t many formal credentials required to become a bookkeeper. While some parts of the job have been automated through software applications, businesses are still hiring bookkeepers to be a part of their daily operations. Bookkeeping also provides entry-level business majors with a career path angled towards more advanced roles like accounting and financial planning.

Liza Kirsh, Dymapak

2. Health Service Manager

A great place for a business major to gain real world experience is as a health service manager. In this position, you’d work behind the scenes in a hospital or healthcare facility, keeping track of digital records, medical personnel training and recruiting, and creating schedules for healthcare providers. Even if you only do it for a year or two, this is a great fit for those who are good with details and are motivated by helping people. Because of the high earning potential, this may turn into a business trend for new graduates looking to alleviate the financial pressure of student loans before making their next career move.

Jaymee Messler, Gaming Society

3. Marketing Assistant

Business majors can start their career path as marketing assistants. As marketing expands to more platforms, marketing professionals need help executing campaigns for their clients. Business majors learn essential marketing techniques, and many are digital natives, so they are ideal candidates to manage social media channels and websites. Companies will never lose their need for effective marketers, and as a marketing assistant, you receive a decent salary and opportunities for career advancement.

Justin Soleimani, Tumble

4. Financial Analyst

One common entry-level job for business majors is financial analyst. Finance is a major part of business, and financial services are a hot industry for entry-level employees across the nation. Banks, security firms, and insurance companies all utilize financial analysts. Additionally, the job often entails analyzing stocks and investments, so knowledge of the stock market is an inherent bonus to the career.

Kevin Callahan, Flatline Van Co.

5. Admissions Coordinator

If you’re having trouble finding a job as a business major, then try starting out as an Admissions Coordinator for your school, or at another nearby college or university. You can help with screening potential applicants based on a set of criteria. This will give you an opportunity not only to earn some money in an entry-level position, but to also get a feel for your competition in the workforce. When you review applications, you’ll see GPAs, essays, recommendations and other information. This will help you to identify gaps in your resume, so that you can become a stronger candidate when you start looking for another job in the near future.

Dennis Consorte, Snackable Solutions

6. Human Resources Assistant

Consider a career as a human resources assistant. These entry-level positions require extensive business knowledge and hiring practices to search for top talent. They also understand specific company policies and serve as a safety person for workers. For any student looking to create their own business, they want to ensure their staff has the best resources and hiring practices available. This position is a great starting point to achieve success in the workforce in any industry.

Natália Sadowski, Nourishing Biologicals

7. Sales Trainee

A sales trainee is an entry-level position in which employees learn about various aspects of the sales process, such as customer service, product knowledge, and territory management. Companies often hire recent graduates for sales trainee programs, which typically last six to twelve months. After completing a training program, sales trainees typically become account managers or sales representatives. Many companies also offer commissions and bonuses to sales trainees who meet or exceed their quotas.

Danielle Bedford, Coople

8. Management or CEO Assistant

This is a job that offers many opportunities for growth to the person starting their career. No experience is required, but it is good to have business knowledge like that gained in college. The big advantage of choosing this role as your first job is the fairly easy promotion path and the vast array of skills you can acquire in this job — you get to follow the best.

Magdalena Sadowska, PhotoAiD

9. Store Manager

Entry-level candidates have opportunities to become managers almost immediately. If you have a business degree and hope to make a big leap in the business field, look for entry-level store manager jobs. You would be responsible for buying, selling and managing the flow of products — as well as dealing closely with suppliers and closing the deal on contracts. There is a lot of responsibility and training involved in such a job, but you gain a breadth of knowledge fast. Make the business degree work for you. Land a management position quickly after graduation. You’ll have entry-level knowledge when you start, but you’ll be on the fast track in no time.

Trevor Ford, Yotta

10. Fundraiser

The journey to find a professional fit is a process of self-discovery. Every position you assume is a lesson as you learn something about yourself and the work environment you feel best in — no matter what the industry. Still, it is worthwhile to make conscious choices and get familiar with those professions which best match your skills and education. A fundraiser job is one of the career paths chosen as a starting point for business majors. It is a great option for people who are committed to a cause, passionate to make a difference, and have a mission to help others. Fundraisers are in charge of convincing the public to donate money or goods to a particular cause. They raise money by organizing events, coordinating media campaigns, and applying for grants. The list of their responsibilities doesn’t end there. A fundraiser job requires creativity, commitment, and outstanding communication skills.

Agata Szczepanek, MyPerfectResume

11. Business Reporter

Business reporters research and analyze data in order to determine if events are worth writing about. In addition to computer research they also conduct investigations through observation and interview. Reporters write and report stories for many different media including online, television, and radio. This is a good entry-level position because the consistent research and investigation builds knowledge of business news. This will make it so that when you’re starting a new job you already have a strong foundational knowledge of different business topics.

Karl Hughes, Draft.Dev

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