11 Best Training Resources for HR Managers

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What are some good training resources to develop as an HR manager?

To help you identify the right training resources to develop your career as an HR manager, we asked HR professionals and business leaders for their best recommendations. From the SHRM certification to Cornell University’s eCornell courses, there are several resources that you may choose to help you train and develop your knowledge and skills as an HR manager.

1. The SHRM Certification

I’ve worked in HR for five years, and I’ve found that one of the best training resources for HR managers is the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM offers online courses, in-person workshops, and professional certification programs that help you develop the skills you need to be an effective HR manager. I’ve personally taken advantage of their online courses and found them to be very helpful. SHRM also has a large community of members who are always willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. So I would definitely recommend SHRM if you’re looking for a good training resource to help you develop as an HR manager.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer

2. Diploma in Human Resources by Alison

One of the most comprehensive (and free-of-charge) training resources for HR professionals is Alison’s Diploma in Human Resources (HR). The 5-star rating is well deserved, and I recommend it to everyone, especially beginners entering the industry. This course teaches the fundamentals of effectively hiring, training, and motivating your workforce. With the course divided into eight highly intuitive modules, you get an excellent overview of all the foundations of successful HR management. For others, it’s a great refresher course to address any weaknesses and polish up your HR management skills.

Peter Bryla, ResumeLab

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn features a resource called LinkedIn Learning, which members can use for all kinds of educational purposes related to professional endeavors. These video tutorials include HR training. Using this resource, HR professionals can learn many effective ways to train employees and lead powerfully.

Miles Beckett, Co-Founder & CEO, Flossy

4. Get a Coach

Throughout my career, one thing I realized was missing from certifications and conferences was the practical application of how to apply the concepts and tools shared in these programs. I wish I had someone who had been in my shoes, done my job, and experienced what I was experiencing to help guide me and think through the problem-solving elements of my role… to teach me how to think, reframe, challenge, use data, prioritize, and influence. Having a coach who is a seasoned expert with the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the incredibly delicate balance of leading a people-first HR team while also serving the business objectives of an organization is a gift to the HR manager and the company. These are skills you simply cannot learn at a conference or in a certification program. A great coach who has been in your shoes and learned the tough lessons can accelerate the HR managers skills and confidence in ways certifications cannot.

Barbie Winterbottom, Founder & CEO, The Business of HR

5. Take FutureLearn Free Courses

FutureLearn offers free courses on HR fundamentals, understanding people, and mastering communication. Employees have four weeks to complete each course, if you wish to avoid incurring fees. However, the British education platform also offers an upgrade with access that doesn’t expire as long as it’s still on the site, as well as completion certificates for added motivation. In short, FutureLearn serves to assist your HR team in improving soft skills and more.

Michael Van, CEO, Furnishr

6. Human Resources Certification Institute Programs

HR managers must have a thorough understanding of employment law and be skilled in communication, negotiation, and mediation. Given the complex nature of the job, it is important for HR managers to receive training from a reliable source. One training resource that is often recommended for HR managers is the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). The HRCI offers certification programs that can help HR professionals hone their skills and knowledge. In addition, the HRCI provides online resources, including articles and webinars, that can keep HR managers up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the field. By taking advantage of such resources, HR managers can be better prepared to meet the challenges of their ever-changing profession.

Jim Campbell, Founder, Epic Caribbean Vacations

7. Certified Human Resources Professional Course (CHRP)

There are many training resources available to develop an HR manager, but one that is often recommended is the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation from the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA). The CHRP designation is recognized nationwide and provides HR professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their roles. The course is interactive, and all the materials are online so you are not required to leave your home to attend classes — an added benefit for many working professionals. The exam is done by computer and is available in many languages. Another advantage of the course is that you can take the exam at your own pace.

Johannes Larsson, Founder & CEO, Johannes Larsson

8. Coqual Offerings

Coqual, formerly named the Center for Talent Innovation, is a great resource for developing HR managers. They have a wide array of resources available, including webinars, infographics, and blogs. They also offer a free online "Talent Innovation Suite," which is a great way to learn about current trends in HR and how to keep your company on the cutting edge.

Luciano Colos, Founder & CEO, PitchGrade

9. Mentorship and Career Advice from Seasoned HR Professionals

Mentorship and career advice from seasoned HR professionals is a great way to advance in your chosen field. You can improve your abilities and find new ways to put them to use in your profession by collaborating with a knowledgeable person. Some seasoned HR pros even provide internships or mentorships to promising HR applicants, so they can learn on the job from these experts. Focus on learning from these successful people by seeing how they handle their time, communicate with their teams, and handle customer interactions.

Tia Campbell, Director of Marketing, Practice Reasoning Tests

10. Internship Programs

Aspiring human resources managers may want to think about getting an internship in the profession. While it’s not required and not everyone opts for an internship before landing an actual job, getting one is the cherry on top. Internships provide valuable work experience, which is required for many jobs, and they may also help interns get the extra training they need to pass optional certification exams.

Bram Jansen, Co-Founder, vpnAlert

11. Cornell University’s eCornell Courses

A virtual learning institution in the field of human resources, Cornell University’s ILR faculty have created a number of HR courses that can be found on the eCornell website. Their classes combine theoretical backgrounds with an emphasis on practical application, drawing on the research of top scholars. Not only does Cornell offer training for novices, but also for seasoned HR professionals and business partners. All eCornell courses are available online, at your own speed, and with a variety of convenient enrollment dates.

Andrew Priobrazhenskyi, CEO & Director, Discount Reactor

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