10 Ways to Become Indispensable at Work

People want to feel indispensable and not live in fear of losing the jobs in today’s competitive world. Being indispensable to your boss gives a feeling of elation, along with providing you with security. Such employees are valued by bosses and managers, but it all begins with making a good name for oneself. Although we all know this, we still can’t help but wonder how we can become indispensable without being exhausted.

If this sounds like you, it is time to learn how to become an irreplaceable asset in your company. Using these tips and tricks will allow your boss trust you and keep your place in the company safe for a long time:

  1. Be Enthusiastic in the Workplace

We all know those people who light up a room the minute they walk in, right? Well, although the workplace is usually thought of as hard working and serious, these people are always welcomed in companies.

Now, this enthusiasm shouldn’t be confused with laughing all the time and smiling when it is time to be serious. What it means is saying ‘Good Morning’ to everyone in the office, even on bad days, and acknowledging a compliment from the boss with a ‘Thank you’.

  1. Find the Right Job

It is a well-known fact that employees work better when they enjoy their job and work environment. Your job performance will improve and you will to complete tasks much easier if you find the right job.

If you are able to find a job that fits you, you will find that performing tasks won’t require the usual extra effort, and that you’ll end up with better results.

  1. Develop Relationships with Key People

You need to be a person who is essential to the company in order to become indispensable.  A good way to do this is to develop good relationships with key people. Once they begin seeing you as a trusted employee, they will value you more.

  1. Volunteer to Get Noticed

Volunteering can be quite exhausting, but it always looks good in the eyes of the boss. Volunteering strategically will allow you to achieve satisfaction from your employer without having to work too much.

You don’t need to volunteer for everything in the office. Instead, take advantage of opportunities to raise your hand first when the boss asks for help in a meeting, particularly on high visibility projects.

  1. Keep Pace with Industry Trends

If you want a company to remain successful, industry trends are important. Do your best to stay informed of all the latest trends, particularly those related to technologies. Learning new technologies every day will allow you to become an invaluable, irreplaceable asset to your boss.

  1. Show That You Value the Job

Receiving credit is important to every employee. It boosts their confidence, provides them with motivation and makes them feel like they did something well. It is not uncommon for employees to want to receive credit, which is why many often become obsessed and competitive about it.

You’ll find that a boss will appreciate you more if you consider doing the job right to be your biggest reward. Make clear how much you value your own accomplishments and do not solely work to get credit.

  1. Get an Early Start

It is a rare boss who will tolerate tardiness. Take note of the importance of getting at work on time. To leave a good impression and become indispensable, get an early start to avoid delays and get to work earlier.

  1. Use the Same Buzzwords as Your Boss

Pay attention during meetings and conversations with your boss to buzzwords he or she uses while speaking. Adding these buzzwords to your vocabulary and e-mails will help demonstrate that you and your boss are on the same intellectual wavelength.

  1. Leave Email Trails

Leaving an email trail is a great trick to make your boss believe that you are putting many hours in. Achieve this by making sure your boss gets e-mails from you early in the morning and late at night.

  1. Master a Valuable Skill

Find and master a skill no one else possesses. For example, learning a foreign language may be useful for future business endeavors. And even if another person possesses this skill, you will be first in line to replace them if they leave the company.

Being indispensable is a huge advantage, but it comes with the downside of having to live up to high expectations constantly. However, developing and maintaining a good relationship with the boss will allow you to truly stand out in your workplace.