10 Hiring Tips for Employers to Stand Out

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In today’s challenging hiring market, employers need to pull out all the stops to attract the attention of job seekers. These days, seekers are more selective than ever, and the information you provide could be the deciding factor in whether they choose to apply. Below are 10 tips to help your company stand out and showcase what makes you different from other employers.

  1. Upload your logo to your JobsInTheUS Company Profile page to reinforce your brand. Your uploaded logo will also be displayed across all your job postings.
  2. Market your company to job seekers by completing the About Us, Mission Statement, and Working Here sections of your profile. Your Company Profile page is where seekers go to learn more about your company.
  3. Project a consistent message. Your branding and company messaging should be consistent across your website, social media profiles, JobsInTheUS Company Profile page, and job posts. The language doesn’t have to be verbatim, but try to make sure it overlaps and has a similar theme.
  4. Mention benefits and perks on your Company Profile. What makes your company a great place to work? Ask your current employees what they appreciate the most. Employee testimonials can speak volumes about your workplace.
  5. Include salary on your job posts — or at least a range. In today’s hiring environment, compensation information is key.
  6. Highlight the career paths of your company to help create more interest for your entry-level positions. The top looks a lot closer to someone at ground level if they know they will be supported and encouraged to move ahead within your organization.
  7. Share links on social media of your JobsInTheUS job postings and Company Profile page. And reach a wider audience of users by including a mention (using @JobsInTheUS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).
  8. Refresh your job postings periodically to help raise them up in search results and let job seekers know they have not already been filled.
  9. Search our Resume Database to locate candidates who are currently employed but open to new opportunities.
  10. Increase the visibility of your jobs and company with such enhancements as Featured Company, Featured Job, Priority Job, Highlight Job, and Boldface Job. Choose the Juice-a-Job enhancement to distribute your job to an extended network of job sites.

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