10 Great Jobs for Introverts

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What are some jobs that don’t involve dealing with people?

Not everyone is a “people person.” To help you select a job where you won’t interact frequently with other people, we asked writers and entrepreneurs for their best recommendations. From becoming a blogger to a coding and website builder, there were several suggestions that may help you find the perfect job that doesn’t require much social interaction.

Here are ten jobs that don’t have to deal with people:

1. Blogger

If you’re looking for the ideal job where you won’t have to deal with other people very often, then blogging is the perfect job for you. As a blogger, you are in digital contact with others, but you never have to go to meetings, you have no accountability to others, and you choose who you do or don’t work with. You can choose to promote your blog by being visible online, but if you don’t want to be visible online, you can also focus entirely on SEO (which will help Google deliver all your readers automatically). I can’t think of a better job in which you have so little contact with others, but building an empire anyway!

Angie Makljenovic, She Can Blog

2. Lab Technician

Becoming a lab technician can be a great option for anyone looking to minimize dealing with other people. Lab techs often deal with medical samples and test them looking for different medical results. Lab technicians were responsible for conducting the many COVID-19 tests that helped the world reduce the spread of the disease. With a high school diploma and an associates degree in biology, you are qualified for many of the open lab tech roles out there today.

Brandon Brown, GRIN

3. Data Entry Specialist

This job might be for you if you can stand the tedium of plugging numbers into spreadsheets all day long. There won’t be much collaboration, a crazy number of brainstorming meetings, or team building sessions. Data entry mostly leaves you with your computer terminal all day. To be successful as a data entry specialist, you should have excellent organizational skills and experience working with a variety of databases. Finally, a top-tier data entry specialist should have a keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of data management.

Axel Hernborg, Tripplo

4. Vacation Rental Investor

For people looking to earn a passive income without being a landlord, they can build a financial record and invest in a vacation rental with a property management company. While these rentals constantly outperform every other class of real estate, they can double or triple their profits without you lifting a finger. Like most real estate rentals, such as Airbnb and VRBO, it requires owners to manage the daily tasks of owning a property, versus a property management company that can handle the bookings, cleaning services, repairs, and utilities. This allows investors to focus on the property itself, while the company handles the operational responsibilities. This way, people can build a real estate portfolio and let a management company take care of the busy work that comes with it.

Corey Ashton Walters, Here

5. Accountant

Being an accountant does not require very much interaction with people. This position mainly consists of organizing a company’s expenses and invoices, as well as analyzing the company’s financial activity. If you desire a job that involves math, analytical thinking, and attention to detail — without dealing with people — then this is a good job to pursue.

Matt Miller, Embroker

6. Book Reviewer

Reviewing books as a profession can be ideal for people who love to read and have no desire to interact with people excessively. How do you become a reviewer? There are usually two ways to do this: cooperation with online portals, newspapers, etc., or starting your own review blog. A lot depends on what form of work a person cares about and what expectations they have. An online blog can be an alternative for those who cannot or do not want to work with the media. It is pretty easy to create your own blog on the web, and you can review only the books you want. To work with the press or portals, check advertisements about the recruitment of reviewers. You might also apply even if there are no current openings. When an opening becomes available, people responsible for finding reviewers may remember your application.

Magdalena Sadowska, Passport Photo Online

7. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates artistic designs by combining art and technology to communicate ideas. In most circumstances, they use computer tools to build their designs, but they also use their bare hands to produce physical content in some instances. This job primarily involves implementing your ideas on a screen; therefore, graphic design is a wise choice for a career path if you don’t like working with many people. You might interact with some people a few times, especially if a company employs you, but the job allows for a lot of alone time to increase creativity.

John Tian, Mobitrix

8. Transcriber

A transcriber is an easy work-from-home job that involve dealing with people. Transcribers take what is spoken and turn it into written (typed) words. Simply get comfy in your chair, listen to audio, and transcribe what you hear. Transcription jobs are great entry level jobs, especially for introverts, because you don’t have to be with anyone, nor talk to anyone.

Datha Santomieri, Steadily

9. Copywriter

Being a copywriter requires only limited communication with clients. You will usually discuss the details of their project via mail. After that, you will spend over 95 percent of your time researching, writing, editing, and proofreading. A copywriter’s job is engulfing but solitary, and it is ideal for people who like to work independently.

Georgi Todorov, ThriveMyWay

10. Coding and Website Builder

If you are an introvert who is looking for a job with little communication with people, then coding and software development is a career to look into. These two professions require little interaction with people and are solely remote. You only need a computer and Wi-Fi. Overall, it is a true introvert’s job.

Shaun Price, MitoQ

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