Top 10 Questions To Ask After Landing The Job

While preparing for that big job interview usually includes thinking about how to answer the tough questions, you should also be thinking up some good ones to ask.

It’s usually near the end of an interview when the interviewer asks: “Do you have any questions about the job or the company in general?” Of course you do, but at this point your mind is probably so taxed that you’re drawing a blank. While this might be the most stressful, it shouldn’t be the only time you have questions for your future employer.

If you’ve been offered the job, you might be considering whether or not you’re going to take it. Or maybe you’ve accepted the job and are pondering what the next few years of your work-life will be like. It’s important to ask questions at this time, and you’ll usually discuss these questions with someone from HR. While the thought of a meeting with HR might cause you to groan, it’s a great resource for information on how to get ahead. Just remember that speaking to someone from HR doesn’t automatically mean you’re in trouble. Keeping all this in mind, here’s a list of the top questions to ask HR after being hired.

  • What are the most important milestones for progress in this position?
  • What do you think the hardest part of this job will be?
  • While I know the job description outlines a 40 hour workweek, I’m curious about the general daily schedule? Should I expect a lot of work over the weekend during busy times of the year?
  • Besides my direct supervisor, who in the department do you think I should lean on for advice as I’m just starting out?
  • Can you help me understand the benefits package a bit more clearly?
  • Can you tell me a little about the company’s approach to social media? Is it unusual for employees to maintain a personal account?
  • Are there any company outings or recreational activities that I should be aware of?
  • If I do my job well here, what kind of mobility can I expect in five years?
  • How will my job performance be measured? Can I expect regular evaluations?
  • How would you describe the management style of my direct supervisor?