Tips for a Successful Holiday Office Party

holiday office party

If your organization is fortunate enough to offer a holiday party this season, make sure that your plan ensures an enjoyable event that avoids party mishaps.

Three out of four employers will host some sort of holiday party. Seventy-six percent of organizations will host one or more holiday parties.  Four in five smaller organizations — those under 1,000 employees — will sponsor a party (80 percent), compared to three in five (63 percent) larger enterprises.  – Source: Bloomberg Law

Twelve Tips

1. Choose a week night to help with your budget. Employees are also less likely to indulge in alcoholic beverages on a work night.

2. Remember, it’s a party. Provide plenty of food, plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, and some form of entertainment.

3. Set some ground rules. Remind employees that the same behavioral policies and rules at the office apply during the party.

4. Review your insurance policies for alcohol-related events, if you choose to offer alcoholic beverages.

5. Limit alcohol consumption by providing a limited number of drink tickets to employees of legal drinking age. Stop serving alcohol 30-60 minutes before the party officially ends.

6. Provide cab fare or have available a list of cab numbers for a safe ride home. You could also offer discounted hotel accommodations.

7. Ask senior staff members to assist with overseeing the party to make sure everyone has a safe and fun evening.

8. Keep company business short if you are planning any presentations. Remember this is a company party, not a full-blown business meeting.

9. Acknowledge employees as a group if honoring their years of service. Remember to keep the speeches to a minimum.

10. Give out raffle tickets for a few door prizes if your budget allows. The prizes don’t have to be expensive.

11. Encourage your management team to mingle and introduce themselves to employees. It only takes a second to shake someone’s hand, and everyone likes being acknowledged.

12. Remember to thank the employees who pulled all the pieces together to make it a great celebration.

Have Fun!

A well thought-out party can be a lot of fun and help build relationships in your organization. Decide in advance what your expectations are and enjoy your time together.

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