The Power of the Proper Job Title

Recently a client came to us and said that their job ad was not pulling well after being posted for a few weeks. This happens from time to time across the job search landscape. Sometimes postings are not written well, mis-categorized or just plain boring.

So we took a look at the job description to see how well it is “selling” the position and looked for other anamolies. The job was from an Eyecare center and was listed as Patient Care Coordinator via

As we read the description however, it became clear that the job described did not accurately match the Job Title.

Work with a group of people who value your contributions and want to help you grow to your fullest potential.  Begin your career in optometry here with us!

You will:

  • Greet patients, visitors and vendors
  • Answer and direct all incoming phone calls
  • Schedule and confirm patient appointments
  • Obtain and update all patents’ demographic and insurance information electronically
  • Respond to telephone emergency calls and triage according to established procedures
  • Provide insurance information and education to patients and other office staff to aid in compliance with requirements of third party payers
  • Prepare for daily flow and interactions between patients and doctors in accordance with daily check list
  • Post charges and payments to patient accounts
  • Act as a resource to staff and doctors regarding patient/customer care and services issues

In the employers eye this job was for Patient Care Coordinator, however to a job seeker it sounds much different. It sounds like a healthcare job so they are probably not even clicking on it. The job is more coordinator, than ‘Patient Care’.

The Job Title is the single most important part of any job posted online. It is the first thing a job seeker typically sees so it’s important that it match up with what they searched for. In the case here, most job seekers will not be searching for keywords such as ‘patient care‘ on a job board.

They will instead use keywords like ‘Front Desk‘ or ‘Administrative Assistant‘. So we changed the Job title to;

Front Desk Administrative Assistant

Within 3 days time they have now received 14 applications after receiving none in the first few weeks.

That is the power of a proper job title!

The lesson here? Think like a job seeker and use the keywords they like to search on. Boil down the job title to its core function.