The 2017 Resume – Trends to Follow

2017 resume trends

It’s important to keep up with trends in resume writing. You’re expected to do research and be knowledgeable about this, because no employer has the time to scan through a 10 page resume nowadays.

Many of you use a resume writer but, some people like to strive on and figure things out for ourselves. If you are one of those people, here are some of the latest trends to help you.

  1. You do not have to list every school you attended. Resumes are removing all unnecessary information and in 2017 are even more summarized. List only schools that are most relevant to your application or those with the highest credentials.
  2. Hiring a professional. New resume writing companies are popping up every day, because people are too busy to keep track of the latest trends. These companies stay current with trends, including the latest resume format. The market for professional resume writers will continue to grow in 2017.
  3. You need to prove experience. You won’t get away with lying on a resume today. Employers now want evidence of the experiences and skills that you list.
  4. LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn has really grown in recent years, and 2017 is no different. Your LinkedIn profile could become your online resume. Many employers are head hunting good candidates here. It’s conceivable to think that we won’t even apply for jobs in the future. Instead, employers will probably call you before you even know about the job.
  5. Your twitter account will be a new resume trend. Employers are going to look at your online presence, so be sure to have a professional twitter account. Sharing your knowledge with your followers and being consistent could be viewed as leadership skills.
  6. Avoid the use of all caps in 2017.Using all caps has been unacceptable for quite a while. You don’t want to appear to be screaming throughout your entire resume.
  7. One page resume is the current trend.You need to be able to summarize your knowledge and abilities very well, because managers and employers don’t have time to waste. You should be able to sum everything up thoroughly in this limited space. This is a skill you’ll need to master to keep your resume current.
  8. Companies may have their own resume format.Many details are sent online nowadays. Many companies now provide a document for the applicant to complete and send as a resume. Instead of sending your own resume, you are simply capturing your data on their system.
  9. Applicant tracking machines are growing more popular.You’ll need the ability to write a resume with specific keywords which will be picked up by the company’s ATS.
  10. Bullets and numbers will become a must. Say goodbye to paragraph style resumes. A resume today is almost impossible to write without the use of bullets and numbers. Look for employers to begin insisting on this for an easy point read.
  11. No more colorful fonts.Forget about trying to be super creative with your resume. Employers do not want to read a light yellow font, and this is unacceptable nowadays. To prevent eye strain and having it read incorrectly, a professional document is always written in black.

Newer and better trends will continue to come out. Our predictions for the future are listed above. Because technology continues to move forward, everything will become more condensed. Who knows how long we will continue to write resumes? They may be a thing of the past one of these days. Profiles like LinkedIn are becoming more and more popular and may replace resumes in the near future. More and more people are receiving job offers through LinkedIn, so it’s important to have a current profile.

Having an online presence is very important. Your online presence should include professional information. An unprofessional online presence can make it appear that you are not keeping up with the times. If you are pursuing a position, take down all online information that shows you in a bad light. Remove pictures of the party where you got drunk from your Facebook account, because prospective employers are likely to find it. Remember, your online presence will soon become your resume.