Streamlined Apply Process Coming Soon

The team at JobsInTheUS is working on streamlining how people apply to jobs via our sites. In a few weeks we will be launching the new features. Testing is currently underway.

Here’s a quick look at what will be happening;

  1. The Apply form itself will move to the job description page instead of going to a separate page to apply.
  2. We will also be introducing “Quick Apply” which requires NO resume to be uploaded, just contact info for jobs that don’t necessarily require a resume.
  3. For redirects to your company  career site, we will first capture the email address of the seeker and display that for employers in their dashboard. It’s an effort to capture something about the seeker before they complete the full application.
The new apply form will sit at the bottom of all job descriptions.


Quick Apply jobs will not require a resume.
For redirects, the job seeker will be required to enter an email first.