How to Use Social Media to Highlight Your Employees

With such a tight job market in Maine and the rest of the U.S., its becoming more important for employers to use social media to promote themselves to potential candidates. Take a look at this photo from Davinci’s in Lewiston, ME.

It’s a small, simple way to highlight your company culture. Yet few employers do this kind of outreach.

As a matter of practicality you don’t need to spend a ton of time on this strategy to make it work. Just a few images per day would be a great start. We recommend social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (You can skip LinkedIn if that is not your target market.)

Just throw in some pics of your employees in action. Other ideas include welcoming new employees with a picture and something about them. A welcome post also makes them feel valued as a new member of your team.

If you get adventurous considering doing some videos too, perhaps a manager or owner explaining the job in detail. The point is really tp get you to think more visual. Today’s candidates will always gravitate towards images and video when considering a job change.