How to Start Your New Job Right

When starting a new job, it’s important to make a good first impression. Here are some things you can do to get your job off on the right foot if you’re lucky enough to be starting with a new employer.

Get Organized

Once you’re on the job, the first thing to do is organize your office or cubicle so that it suits your needs. Make a list and find out what the process is for getting the basic supplies you’ll require. In small offices you might just take a visit to the supply closet, while larger organizations may require that you fill out a requisition form. Once you’ve figured out how to get your basic supplies, personalize and warm up your office or cubicle with photographs and artwork. Even something as simple as having a favorite coffee cup on your desk can help make you comfortable.

Check the Dress Code

It’s important to dress appropriately for the workplace, so be sure to ask about the company’s dress code before your first day on the job. Finding out how to dress for your new job before you step foot in the door will help you fit in and feel comfortable. While business casual is often the norm, some organizations may require you to get more dressed up. And jeans may be appropriate for some companies if you’re working in a more relaxed environment.

Don’t Relax Too Soon

Landing a new job can be a relief, especially if you’ve been searching for awhile. But remember that making a good first impression during the first few weeks can set the tone for the rest of your stay. Part of this includes being helpful, polite, and sincere, because it’s difficult to change a poor impression if you’ve been labeled as unreliable, unfriendly, or phony.

Exceed Expectations

Everybody wants to do a good job. But just doing your job may not be enough to get you noticed, promoted, and additionally compensated in today’s demanding workplace. You can’t simple meet deadlines and expectations, you need to exceed them. Doing your assigned jobs well and quickly will get you noticed and show management that you’re someone who does more than is expected.

Make Friends Slowly

Be friendly with everyone and learn everyone’s names, but don’t make alliances too quickly. Don’t hesitate to say yes if someone asks you out to lunch. But until you get a better feel of how everyone interacts together, don’t form any close attachments. Get to know as many of your coworkers as possible, at all levels, to get a better idea of the corporate culture. You’ll also find that, when support and advice are needed, you have more people to turn to.

Forming a game plan before you begin a new job will go a long way toward providing a comfortable, productive, and successful work environment. Start off right and enjoy your new job!