How to speed up the hiring process

While most companies know what they are looking for in an employee, few are able to quickly and efficiently find and hire someone who meets their criteria. Because of this, job openings remain available for too long, resulting in desperate hires and poor returns. Fortunately, there are some proven methods of speeding up the employee hiring process.

Every day that a job position remains open, you’re missing out on value. The following tips should help you fill up these openings faster and find the right talent for the job.

Screen applications immediately

Many businesses will advertise a job opening for a period of time – maybe 30, 45, or 60 days – and collect as many applications as possible before starting the application review process. This is a process that takes much longer than necessary, because you’re wasting weeks of time on the front end and then dealing with hundreds of applications on the backside.

A better idea is to implement an approach where you screen as you go. Begin reviewing information, conduct a background check, and do your due diligence as soon as an application comes in. This process allows you to immediately weed out unqualified people while producing a list of target candidates.

Always be networking

Start networking for candidates year round so there are always a handful of people on your radar, instead of just doing it when an opening emerges. While this will obviously require more time on a weekly basis, it will also permit you to shortcut the initial stages of the talent acquisition process when openings develop.

Use a good recruiting firm

If you’re trying to fill a very specific position, you might assume that finding the right candidate is going to take a lot of time. While this may be true, you can benefit greatly and speed up the process by hiring a specialty search firm.

According to Scout Exchange research, 91 percent of placements come from specialty recruiters, and the majority of employers require a better manner of quickly connecting with the right recruiters for their openings. Instead of using a generic recruiting firm, or trying to handle it on your own, it’s worth spending a little extra money to hire a company with the right connections.

Bring in the most qualified candidates

Many companies avoid narrowing their list of candidates before the interview round or host multiple interview rounds to trim down the list. A good piece of advice is, instead of wasting time trimming your list, bring in only a few of the people who you feel are most qualified and interview them. If during an interview you believe you’ve found the right person, hire them on the spot. There’s no sense in delaying the inevitable.

Businesses with very little understanding of how the talent acquisition process works will spend months trying to fill a single job opening. Because of their misconceptions about the process, a great deal of money, time and resources are wasted. It may seem very difficult at first, but you can find the right candidates to fill job openings rather quickly. But it’s important that you know exactly who you’re looking for and how to proceed.

The tips in this article might not solve all of your talent acquisition needs, but they will benefit your company in the long run by speeding up the hiring process and enabling the acquisition of quality talent.