How Gen Z Will Change The Workplace

Step aside millennials, there’s a new generation taking over the workplace. Generation Z, comprised of individuals born between 1994 and 2010, is just beginning to enter the workforce.

Wondering what we can expect from this new crop of employees? Here are a few insights into what employers can expect from Gen Z:

They’re Tech Savvy:  2 in 3 Gen Zers say that technology makes them feel like anything is possible. Such optimism and faith in tech is admirable, but there is a downside: nearly 4 out of 5 Gen Zers display signs of emotional distress when they don’t have access to their personal electronic devices. Keeping this generation off their phones during meetings may prove quite difficult.

They’re Educated:  64 percent of Gen Zers cite earning an advanced degree as a major life goal, revealing the importance this generation places on education. In fact, it is predicted that half of Gen Zers will be university educated, compared to just a third of millennials.

They’re Less Optimistic: Watching their millennial big brothers and sisters suffer through a recession and the resulting terrible job market which has stuck with this generation. On top of that, many Gen Zers have already racked up student loan debt, resulting in a new workforce that’s more realistic than optimistic. For example, while 1 in 3 Gen Zers hope to retire by age 60, less than 1 in 5 believe they’ll be able to.

They’re Ready For Hard Work: Gen Z shows a willingness to work hard, perhaps due to their more realistic take on what’s required of them to succeed. Over 75 percent of Gen Zers believe that the goal of a satisfying and rewarding professional life will require them to work harder than previous generations. 

They Want The Perfect Size: Mid-size organizations appeal to a substantial percentage — 41 percent — of this generation. Many Gen Zers consider the ideal workplace to be with a company that’s not too big, or too small.