9 Email Subject Lines To Get You Noticed by HR

A lot of job seekers complain that they never hear back from employers when emailing their resume.

But if you want the HR department to read your email it requires that you grab their attention, specifically with a great subject line. So we thought we’d give you some email subject lines to use in your job search.

  1. I’m Your Next Hire

  2. I’ve done my homework…you need me!

  3. Why I’m Different

  4. Hello… is it me you’re looking for?

  5. Five Reasons You Should Hire Me

  6. I want to work for [company name]

  7. Interested in being a value add for [company name]

  8. What my resume doesn’t tell you

  9. Referral from [insert your friends name]

Now go out there and use these to get noticed!