Don’t Be An Outdated Job Seeker

It’s not uncommon for people in the job market to use a lot of outdated job search techniques. If you’re wondering if you are one of these people, here are three signs you might be an outdated job seeker.

– The Technique: …You still send a hand written thank you note.  The gesture may be sincere and heartfelt, but sending a handwritten note makes you look like a dinosaur.  You will make a far better impression by immediately following up a meeting with an email.  Doing so will show the employer that you are comfortable using technology.  Along with showing your gratitude with a timely response, you also convey your interest in the position.

– The Technique: …You believe that recruiters will be your advocates in job search.  Remember: Companies hire and pay recruiters to find candidates who check all of the boxes.  Few candidates ever do. Companies are spending increasingly precious dollars to ensure the recruiter delivers a candidate who perfectly matches the job description.  By surrendering responsibility for your job search to someone who will not promote you as robustly as you would promote yourself, you leave your professional future in the hands of an individual who may not consider you to be a priority.

– The Technique: …You don’t prepare for the initial phone screen or for your conversation with HR – Every step in the interview process is important.  Many companies nowadays do their initial screening on the phone or SKYPE to save on time and travel expense. Treat it as you would a conventional interview.  Prepare thoroughly and dress as you would for an in-person meeting.  During your interview with HR, always assume that the interviewer is well informed and knowledgeable about the company, the culture, and the role.  The right attitude and being prepared for obvious questions HR will ask (salary, employment history, etc.) will help you avoid a damaging mistake at this stage of the hiring process.