5 Cool Tips for the Job Search

Tip #1 – The Right Envelope Makes a BIG Impact

Instead of mailing your resume in a plain white envelope like all the other jobseekers, send it PRIORITY MAIL through the U.S. Post Office. Get the large red, white and blue envelopes like the one pictured below and put your resume in it. Send it directly to the hiring manager or Human Resources Manager.

For about 5 bucks you can get their attention more easily. Plus you can claim it as a job search expense on your taxes. People love getting special packages and HR people are no exception. Your resume is bound to be read by using this secret.

Want a cheaper alternative for sending your resume? Get a large manila envelope (any color will do) and using a black magic marker write the phrase “Your new (insert job title here) is inside this envelope!”

Tip #2 – Take a Personal Approach

Most people are asked to apply for jobs by either fax mail or email. Instead of doing it this way why not walk your resume into the company you want to work for? Go to the receptionist, ask to speak with someone in Human Resources and see if they will accept your resume. While you are there ask for an interview. It’s more than likely you will get one. This shows initiative and the desire to work for that company, admirable traits for any job seeker!

Tip #3 – Tailor Your Resume

When you see a job you want to apply for you MUST tailor your resume to that job description. Use the same KEYWORDS and PHRASES they use to describe the job. Doing so will allow you to be filtered out by human resources as a candidate that closely matches the job requirements.

Tip #4 – Network, Network, Network

Just about every industry has some sort of networking group that you can join. After all, It’s not what you know Its who you know. This phrase still resonates in the job market. Whatever industry you work in, seek out and talk to the people who are your colleagues. Develop relationships with them. You never know when you will meet someone who helps you discover your next opportunity.

Tip #5 – Utilize Family & Friends

Referrals are still the best way to find a job. Make a list of your friends and family and where they work. Then approach each one and give them your resume. Tell them to submit it to their HR department. Ask them for a copy of any internal job postings. If you get hired by any of them your friend or family member will probably get a bonus from their company. That is a powerful incentive for them to get you hired!