3 Simple Tips to Job Search Success

Sometimes job seekers get stuck in a rut. The job search process isn’t always smooth so here are 3 tips to help you break through.

Tip#1 – Create an Untraditional Resume

Instead of doing the usual 1 or 2 page chronological resume like everyone else, do something different. Design one that looks like a tri-fold brochure or the front page of a newspaper. Today, word-publishing programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher let you create wonderful looking documents with total ease. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and let your untraditional resume get you noticed!

Tip #2 – Avoid Age Discrimination

If you’re an older worker don’t show your age on your resume. Don’t list graduation dates and don’t show your full work history. A good HR person can deduct your approximate age by looking at how many years overall you’ve been working. Try showing your last 10 years of work and call it “Related Experience” on your resume. There’s also no need to list your street address, just city and state will do.

Tip #3 – Show Me the Money

Companies getting VC funding (venture capital) are usually hiring. Seek out and find the companies in your area that are getting funded. Your local library can help you find local sources for locating these companies. Once you find them visit their website to see what opportunities are available.